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2161030 Antique, Cherry, 2-Piece, Step-Back Cupboard. 2 top doors have 6 panes of old wavy glass each. Top crown molding is a replacement. Circa 1865. 47.25"W x 19.5"D x 83"H. $1650



 2161 Antique, Solid Tiger Maple, 2 Pc. Secretary. Circa 1840. 3 drawers in base and fitted interior including 10 drawers and cubbly holes in desk portion. Very old finish and old black paint decoration. Feet are replacements. 41"W x 21"D x 64"H. $1875



    RB-1  Early American, Cherry, Corner Cupboard. Broken-arch pediment with finial. Open top. 1 Drawer over double doors. Circa 1800. 19"D x 44"W x 83"H. $1875 


2161043 Antique, Jelly Cupboard. Built of ash in blue paint. Early 1900's. 43"W x 18"D x 52.75"H. $550


2161004 Antique, Walnut, 2 Piece Step-Back Cupboard. 6 panes of old, wavy glass in top doors. 2 drawers and raised panel doors in base. Mid-1800's. 48"W (at top) x 20"D x 80"H. $1585


2171017 Antique, Country Pine Cupboard with 4 Doors. Early 1800's. 54"W x 20"D x 75"H. $2850


2171016 Antique, Country Pine, Pewter Cupboard. 2 Doors below open top. Early 1800's. 42"W x 20"D x 75"H. $1475


RB-2 Antique, Step-back Kitchen Cupboard. Many coats of paint (now green). Circa 1870. 41"W (at top) x 18.5"D x 73"H. $1050


2171003 Antique, Country Chippendale, 2-Piece Cupboard or Linen Press. Cherry. Circa 1775. Shelves replaced. 50"W x 19"D x 70"H. $2750


2161038 Antique, Tiger Maple, Sheraton, 1 Drawer Stand. Circa 1840. 21.25"W x 17.25"D x 28.75"H. $485


2171002 Antique, Early American, Cherry Corner Cupboard. Circa 1825. All door joints are double pegged. 81.5"H x 46"W. Requires a 34" corner. $2850


2151009 Antique, Empire, 4 Drawer Chest. Cherry, Tiger Maple and Walnut. Circa 1840. Feet replaced. 42.25"W x 21"D x 44.5"H. $1050


2171013 Antique, Primitive Pine Table. 3 board top with bread-boarded ends. Mid-1800's. 8'1" L x 36"W x 30"H. $1950


B-469 Antique, European, Painted, Immigrant Trunk.  1600 or 1700's. Blacksmith forged hinges and lock. 40"L x 19"D x 18.5"H. $900




2171006 Antique, Primitive Pine Table/Bench. Top held to base with 4 pegs. Pull 2 pegs to flip top up. Storage under bench seat. Base in newer blue paint. Seats 6 - 8. As table: 55.75"L x 41"W x 29"H. $1350